We ran up workshops with 448 participants at Warley Woods, Thimblemill Library, Uplands Manor Primary School and Bearwood Action for Refugees venue (church hall) and Lordswood Boys School. Our participants helped to to produce our pop-up story telling tent made with recycled broom handles (yes) and reclaimed textiles.

We worked with the participants to pick key words from their stories to print onto our story tent

We worked within community settings with diverse communities to run workshops to inspire new stories about identity and belonging with the story tent. A mini story reflection form a 10 year old participant: ‘I realise that each clover flower is unique and yet they are all clover, so with us we are all unique and yet we are all human’

On behalf of our 448 participants from around Thimblemill Library in Smethwick we would like to thank all the lottery players in the community who have made this project possible.

Workshop images of participants creating content for the tent panels from Upland schools twitter account.

Thanks to National Lottery players